Association History

Lake Minocqua and Lake Kawaguesaga Protection Association Minocqua, WI

The first organizational meeting of the Minocqua Lakes Improvement Association was held on May 11, 1994; forty-two members were in attendance.  On May 27, 1994, forty-two members were in attendance at the first official meeting.  On this date (May 27, 1994) the Minocqua Area Lakes Improvement Association became incorporated under provisions of Wisconsin Statutes, in particular, under Chapter 181 of the Wisconsin Non-stock Corporation Law.

 The members of the initial Board of Directors were:

  • John Ames
  • Joe Handrick
  • Al Hanley
  • Herold Helterhoff
  • Jim Kilbane
  • Rich Lucas
  • Foster Riggs
  • Rich Roach
  • Barry Seidel 
  • Pete Tyler
John Ames was appointed temporary chairman and Herold Helterhoff assumed the role of temporary secretary.  Bylaws were adopted at the first board meeting on May 20, 1994.  One of the first orders of business was to elect officers.  The initial officers were:
  • John Ames - President
  • Jim Kilbane – Vice President
  • Pete Tyler – Secretary/Treasurer
The purpose of the Minocqua Area Lakes Improvement Association is to preserve and protect the general welfare of the Minocqua area lakes and their surroundings, and to enhance the water quality, fishery, year around safety, and aesthetic value of the Minocqua area lakes as public recreational facilities for today and future generations.  Minocqua area lakes include the Minocqua chain of lakes and others within the town of Minocqua.

These committees were chartered by the bylaws:

  • Finance Committee
  • Social Committee
  • Land Use Committee
  • Recreational Safety Committee
  • Fish and Water Quality Committee
  • Aquatic Plant and Algae Control Committee
  • Lake Fair Committee
  • Membership Committee
Lake Minocqua and Lake Kawaguesaga Protection Association Minocqua, WI
The first annual meeting of this Association was held on August 6, 1994 with thirty-seven people attending.  Some of the concerns that were discussed at this meeting were:
  • Personal watercraft registration
  • Deteriorating water quality in Lake Tomahawk
  • The use of fertilizers and salt
  • Extending the installation of city water and sewers
  • Concern regarding destruction of lakebeds by high-powered motorboats.
Lake Minocqua and Lake Kawaguesaga Protection Association Minocqua, WI At the fourth annual meeting of the Association, July 7, 1997, it was voted that the name of the organization be changed to Minocqua/Kawaguesaga Lakes Protection Association.  This change in the organization was necessitated by the fact that the scope of the group, as described in the Purpose Statement, was too broad as defined.  This meeting elected a new Board of Directors:
  • Mary Ahern
  • John Ames
  • Jim Kilbane
  • Sally Murwin
  • Foster Riggs
  • Ron Sill
  • Pete Tyler
  • Henry Varga