Lake Information 

Emergency – Dial 911
Any questions or wish to report a violation, call the Minocqua Police Department 715‐356‐3234. OBSERVE/DOCUMENT/REPORT
If possible, get hull number and take video or photos of the violation.
Key Navigation buoys – 
SLOW NO WAKE – Operating a boat at the slowest speed necessary to maintain steerage CONTROL  – (Respectful  Operation) reduce or eliminate waves that appear as whitewater behind the boat Do not enter this area
SWIM AREA – Do not enter this area
HAZARD/DANGER  – Use caution in this area
DIVE FLAG  – Stay more than 100 feet from the divers‐down flag or buoy in these areas
  • Navigation Buoys – Minocqua, Kawaguesaga, Thoroughfare
    •  How many are installed each year on the chain of lakes?  70
    • How many of these are on Lakes Minocqua & Kawaguesaga?  44
    •  Who has been responsible for installing and removing these buoys for nearly 20 years?  Chief Backhaus – Woodruff Police – multi jurisdictional effort Minocqua Police Dpt & Woodruff Police Dpt
    • How long does the process of installing (removing) these buoys take? 16 hour x 2 workers
    • How much does a buoy, chain, & weight block weigh?  Approximately 100 lbs.
    •  When are the buoys installed each year? Spring – hopefully before Fishing opener, 1st week of May (weather permitting)
    •  When are the buoys removed each year?  Fall – hopefully before Beef-A-Rama – 3rd or 4th week of September (weather permitting)
    •  Who permits a buoy being placed on a Wisconsin Lake?  DNR
    • Who maintains the GPS Coordinates for buoys placed on Minocqua & Kawaguesaga Lakes?  Chief Backhaus – Woodruff Police
    • Who maintains and manages buoy locations throughout the summer?  Boat Patrol Officer – tries to keep tabs on them to make sure they stay in place and will be responsible for any replacement/repairs.  

    Important Information from Chief Backhaus

    Every year people take it upon themselves to re-adjust the buoys because they feel they were not placed correctly, if you ever see anyone messing with the buoys, please try to get a hull id# so the Police Dpt can issue them a citation.

    Also, please let the Police Dpt know if a buoy floats away, sometimes people will pull them up on shore or tie them to a dock without reporting this to the Police Dpt.  Without reporting, this makes it difficult finding them to get them re-installed.  Simply call Police Dpt’s non-emergency number at 715-356-1150 to report.

    Thanks to Chief Backhaus, Woodruff Police Dpt , Chief Jaeger, Minocqua Police Dpt, & Mark Pertile, Town of Minocqua for contributing information for this article

Safe Boating

  • Be at least 100 feet from another vessel before going up on plane.
  • Keep a distance (w/minimal wake) from Anchored, Slow Moving, and NON powered vessels (Paddle boards/canoes/kayaks/sail boats.)
  • Don’t pass close ‐ parallel to pontoon boats / cross at 90 degrees if passing.
  • Wake/Ski Boats (Respectful operation ) Minimize repetitive passes / stay in large open bodies of water.
  • Wake/Surf Boats ‐ always operate 200+ feet from shorelines, docks, and steer clear of parked boats/ smaller waterca.
  • Music‐ decibel level 86 decibels or less
Slow No Wake
 All bridges and Trestles, follow the mid channel markers – stay between the red and green buoys.
Thoroughfare from Lake Minocqua to Lake Tomahawk is No Wake.  Find the red/ green buoys in the Eastern corner of Lake Minocqua, stay between as you enter or exit the thoroughfare into Lake Minocqua.