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2022 Accomplishments

1. Minocqua Chain Water Safety brochure –  includes Minocqua Chain of Lakes Map with restaurant and fuel locations via water – MKLPA makes these available at all boat landings, Chamber of Commerce, all boat rental locations, and about 40 other businesses around the Minocqua area.
2. Boat Landing Communication Centers (Thirsty Whale, Stacks Bay by Library, and Thoroughfare landings). Organized information center with information about Boat launching, Respectful Safe Operations, DNR fishery updates, Eurasian Milfoil, and Minocqua Kawaguesaga Lakes Protection Association updates. Plus a huge Minocqua Chain of Lakes Map with restaurants and fuel locations.
3. Thoroughfare NO WAKE zone –  from  Lake Minocqua to  Lake Tomahawk allowing a leisurely cruise through this beautiful natural area with very limited wave action while protecting shoreline habitat
4. Improved water navigation buoys – several areas including a channel pass through on the east side of Fifield Island after exiting the Minocqua Trestle from Lake Minocqua into Lake Kawaguesaga.
5. Adding Additional Hazard buoys –  clearly marking more areas that will aide boaters to safely navigate the Minocqua / Kawaga Chain of lakes