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Lake Studies

If you have spent time looking at this web site and the activies of the Board, you will note that we have spent a considerable amount of money on studies about our lakes.  Many of these are requested by the DNR to document the condition of the water, our weed culture, pollutants, etc.  Some studies  are quite elaborate and expensive.  We have included access to these studies as PDF downloads.  Since the funds for these studies comes from public funds we feel it is important to place them at the public’s availability.  In addition, they will be available for future Board members who wish to review or build on their results.

A summary of the study/presentation will be provided along with a button that will allow you to access each.  Many of these are very large PDF files (greater than 200 mb) so the downloads may take awhile.

Minocqua/Kawaguesaga Lakes and Watershed Management Plan 2012 – this was a $40,000 study

USGS Study on Phosphorus – this was a $330,000 study

Aquatic Plant Management Plan – this was a $23,000 study

Minocqua/Kawaguesaga Lakes Stormwater Management Plan (This study fucuses on storm water issues for the watershed) – this was a $40,000 study completed in 2005

Presentation – Comprehensive Lakes Planning Action Plans/Recommendations – used to educate the public and Town Board regarding our requests for future expenditures and action steps

Presentation to Town Board on Improved Storm Water Management

Lakes Priority Study – this is a study conducted by the WI DNR in the early 1990’s that is an early warning of the build-up of phosphorus within the lake and in the lake bottom

Lake Property Owners Survey – Final Report

Recently (early 2014) the DNR advised us that they were going to classify both Lake Minocqua and Lake Kawaguesaga as Impaired Waters and add us to a list that will be given to the Environmental Protection Agency.  We did not want this to happen so we submitted the attahced document.  The pages are in reverse order.

Market Research Report 2014-2015.  The Lake Association, under Board member Mark Pitman’s guidance, worked with a marketing clas

Lake Watershed Water Quality  Management Plan

2023 Spring Hearing Statewide Results Now Available | Wisconsin DNR

2023 Wisconsin DNR / Wisconsin Conservation Congress Spring Hearing Results