Many Faithful Members

Over the last several years we have been blessed with many faithful members who give of both their money and time.  These people keep us going, they encourage us and they have been very generous with their contributions.  They understand that we are the line of defense against challenges to the quality of our lakes.  We tip our hat to you and give you a big THANK YOU!

There are 996 potential members around our two lakes.  We would like for every one of these properties to be on our membership rolls.  Our current membership is 405 which represents 41% of our potential members. We are constantly working to grow this number and feel that public education is key.   Here is a summary of membership and giving for the past several years:

Year Membership Dues and Gifts Average Family Contribution
2021 405 $68,402 $168.89
2020 415 $75,120 $181.01
2019 407 $77,250 $189.80
2018 286 $37,694 $131.80
2017 317 $41,615 $131.28
2016 314 $37,105 $118.17
2015 315 $43,260 $137.33

It should be noted that all of the membership numbers are for the end of the year.