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Dear Friends of Our Lakes and Rivers:

OCLRA is gearing up for another busy year working on behalf of our county’s water resources. If you have not already received by postal mail an invitation to join us or renew your membership, this is your opportunity. Your participation can help OCLRA expand its initiatives to protect and enhance our county’s lakes and streams. 

Most exciting is a Lake Steward recognition program that we are looking to pilot-test this year. It’s patterned after a highly successful initiative in Minnesota that encourages waterfront property owners to adopt simple yet effective best practices for keeping shorelines natural and water ecosystems healthy. Those who meet the criteria received a colorful Lake Steward sign that they can post on their property.

Other accomplishments in the past year, made possible by support from members like you:

  •         Helped generate powerful grassroots support for state legislation and local ordinances to protect our waters from enhanced boat wakes (400+ attendees at legislator listening sessions).


  •         Collaborated with groups supporting successful efforts to secure a conservation easement for the Pelican River Forest.


  •         Worked with the Vilas County Lakes and Rivers Association to plan and conduct the 2023 Northwoods Six County Lakes Meeting, which drew record attendance of 183.


  •         Backed Oneida County’s aquatic invasive species prevention program and the DNR’s Clean Boats Clean Waters initiative.


  •         Established OCLRA’s first social media presence in the form of a Facebook page.


  •         Updated and improved the OCLRA website (


  •         Continued monitoring county Planning and Development Committee activities as they relate to lake and stream protection

Meanwhile, board member and secretary Beckie Gaskill launched the Wisconsin Conservationist online magazine

On a sad note, we said farewell to long-time board member, past president and treasurer Rob Hagge, who passed away in January. Rob was essentially president for life of the Lake Katherine Association and was responsible for his family’s donation of 451 acres and 4.85 miles of that lake’s shoreline to the Northwoods Land Trust. He will be sorely missed.

OCLRA and looks forward to much more productive work in the year ahead – with your help and support. Our strength grows with our membership. ​Our voice grows stronger with the addition of yours. We remain dedicated to our mission to educate, advocate and collaborate in protecting our waters, natural shorelines, scenery, and waterfront property values. We welcome your comments and suggestions. You can share your thoughts and ideas by email to oclra100@gmail. You are also welcome to attend our board of directors meetings, generally at 9 a.m. on the second Monday of each month, at the ADRC building in Rhinelander (across the parking lot from Trig’s).

Meanwhile, to start or renew a membership, visit and click the Membership tab.

All best wishes,

Ted Rulseh

President, OCLRA