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Lake Association Projects/ Accomplishments – 1994 to Present

  • Lead the difficult task of controlling/eradication of Eurasian watermilfoil (EWM)
  • In 2010 treated 47.5 acres with over 5500 pounds of 2,4-D, the herbicide of choice for EWM. The dosage level was significantly increased in 2010
  • Conducting a $50,000 test of milfoil weevils (Euhrychiopsis lecontei) as a biological control agent for Eurasian watermilfoil – preliminary results will be available at the end of the summer, 2010
  • In 2009, professional divers were hired to pull milfoil along Kawaguesaga’s western shore
  • In 2009 two teams of property owners were established to actively monitor the location of fields of Eurasian watermilfoil in both lakes
  • Won, in statewide competition, a five year $218,000 DNR grant for the control of EWM (Our Association must pay up to $54,750 of this total.)


  • Have established an Association sponsored program to engage local youth to dive and pull milfoil – new in 2010. This project was delayed from 2009 due to insurance constraints on engaging divers
  • Have spent (or will spend) approximately $750,000 on all lake issues since 1994. $150,000 of these funds were provided by the Lake Association members
  • In order to provide solid financial support to our Association, a foundation has been set up as an additional source of funds for the Association
  • Completed work on our Comprehensive Lakes Management Plan– cost approximately $450,000
  • Recently received and analyzed a $330,000 study conducted by the United States Geological Survey that focuses on phosphorus issues in the two lakes – this study is the final information collection study needed to move into the last phase of the Comprehensive Lakes Management Plan
  • In 2009, hired two boat inspectors to implement “Clean Water Clean Boats” at Minocqua’s two main boat landings – program continues into 2010.
  • Completely revamped the Lake Views, the Association’s newsletter
  • The placement of information and educational bulletin boards at the two primary boat landings on Minocqua Lake (Thirsty Whale and Town Center)
  • In 2003 published the first ever State of the Lakes report
  • The creation of a shoreline restoration and demonstration area on Minocqua Lake. (This area is located north of the Bearskin Trail trestle just behind the Minocqua post office.)
  • Lake planning grant – April 2002 Project title: Eurasian Water Milfoil/ Recreational Use Survey

  • Annual pig roast and lake fair fund raiser
  • Participation in Minocqua 4th of July parade and Christmas in Torpy Park
  • Earth Day activities –”Dump no Waste, Drains to Lake” notices stenciled near Minocqua drains
  • Have Association annual meeting with educational presentations
  • Membership drive to sign up residents on or near Minocqua or Kawaguesaga Lakes

Lake Association Ongoing Focus -1994 to Present

  • Enduring disappointment in our inability to attract more property owners to become members of this Association. Of the approximately 1200 possible property owners only 380 (32%) are members of the MKLPA.
  • For the past nine years, it has been difficult to control Eurasian water -milfoil. It was first discovered in 2001 and has quickly spread to both lakes. Unfortunately, both the Lake Association and the DNR underestimated the virility of this threat. We dramatically increased control efforts in 2010 leading to very good results.
  • Our inability in 2007 to organize both lakes into a Lake District.