EWM Monitoring & Management Planning

Since 2005, Onterra, LLC has been offering objective, science-based lake management planning services throughout the state of Wisconsin. Onterra works with the MKLPA to develop realistic and effective EWM management programs, along with designing and implementing the appropriate monitoring strategies to evaluate the efficacy and selectivity of the management action.

Each year, Onterra will be conducting a number of field surveys to assess ongoing management activities and be used to guide future strategies. Based on the survey results, Onterra ecologists/planners will meet with MKLPA representatives and other stakeholder groups to construct management plans for the following year. An annual report will be constructed each year that will present the data collected and outline the preliminary plan for the following year

The October 2019 Strategic Planning Committee Meeting presentation materials and the 2019 EWM Monitoring & 2020 Control Strategy Development Report outline the 2019 strategy and the stakeholder participation that occurred.

Onterra Download 2019 Final Report

Download October 2019 Presentation